Welcome to Clip-Knix!

Our website is currently under construction.

The complete Clip-Knix experience will be launching soon.

Feel Empowered

with clip-on underwear that mixes fashion and functionality to give you your confidence back. 


Clip-Knix’s® patented accessible underwear have been designed with you in mind.

We worked with the talented designers at Innovate Design in Salisbury and got feedback from real people to come up with these life-changing undergarments in the hope that we make living simpler. 


Are you sick of underwear that doesn’t cater for your needs? Tired of the discomfort that bending down and stretching brings when putting on underwear?

Our front-fastening Clip-Knix® underwear will change your perception of underwear forever. 

Clip Club

To stay updated with information about our products, including availability, sizes and ordering, please join the Clip Club.

    7 Bell Yard, London, WC2A 2JR

    Email: info@clip-knix.biz


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