Disability and Fashion

We often leave out disability fashion when designing clothing in general. There are over 11 million people with disability in the UK. The highest impairment are those that affect mobility , lifting and carrying. We all have diverse expectations of our clothes and definitely want clothes that fit well. As designers, we need to put those with limited mobility, a large cohort,  that are often forgotten, more consideration. Everyone deserves to be happy, beautiful, confident, comfortable and more! Being physically challenged doesn’t mean that people should be made to wear less attractive clothing. In fact, they even need more trendy clothing to boost their confidence.

This is why Clip-knix, an innovative and revolutionary underwear company came up with a fantastic idea to design underwear that is ideal for the elderly, frail and more.

It has been an amazing journey for clip-knix creating such a high quality, fashionable, comfortable and adaptive underwear. The product has been widely accepted by both the physically challenged and the abled.

Consumers are able to get back their independence. Adaptive design clothing represent a large, and at present an untapped market. With more intelligent and empathic designs planned in the future for clip-knix, underwear for those that have limited mobility will have access to unlimited choices.


With human factors and ergonomics informing every stage, the focus was to produce practical yet stylish underwear for women that negated the need to bend or stretch when dressing. The result is a triumph which will revolutionise the lives of many people. It can be worn lying, standing or sitting down. The aim is to :

  • Reduce the incidence of falls
  • Preserved independence
  • Maintain dignity


Living life as a disabled individual makes it difficult to do certain activities or effectively interact with the world around you. In life, we face a lot of obstacles in every step we take and for the physically disabled, they face even a lot more challenges.

Since life is not all round perfect but filled with ups and downs, we have to find ways of making life a little easier, and most especially for the physically disabled.

When faced with conditions that life throws at you, you will have no choice but to adapt. Trying to adapt may not be easy at first but overtime it will become easy.

This leads us to specially designed clothing’s and underwear’s for those with special needs. While trying to adapt to a certain condition, you need to have the right type of clothing that will easily fit on your body without any physical stress.

As a person with disability, wearing the right type of clothing will definitely make adapting easy.

For the elderly, it gives them confidence and self pride to be able to wear underwear themselves.


Adaptive designs in the world of fashion not only allow for creativity and innovation , but they show that all designs can be fashionable and that not just because you have limited mobility, you have limited choices .The product is essentially clip-on feminine underwear that can be put on in all positions thus helping to preserve the dignity  and increase independence for women who experience limited mobility, or  who may need assistance to dress.  They are also very practical for general use when camping, or when in confined spaces such as airplane toilets. This cleverly designed underwear solution enables the wearer to clip the underwear on and off at one, two or three front-fastening locations, with a choice of buttons or hooks to suit a wide range of needs; simply place Clip-Knix in position and clip!

The product offers a range of benefits that include:

  • all products can be put on without the need to bend, stretch or balance on one leg
  • easy and quick fastening
  • a choice of attractive, feminine designs in 3 colours
  • soft, aesthetically pleasing stretch fabric for a perfect fit
  • cosy and comfortable for all day long
  • Good quality lace and cotton
  • Big buttons for ease
  • Leak protection


There is no need to bend and stretch or balance on one leg . Modern style panties for the fashion conscious people. It is designed for easy and quick fastening. Cosy and comfortable underwear for all day usage. In view of all these , it is suitable for :

  • Pregnant women
  • Campers
  • Travellers
  • Love making
  • People in confined spaces , such aeroplane toilets

In conclusion, with careful and robust research, this product will help to  develop even more effective , attractive and fashionable adaptive clothing that works for everyone. It is patented and has won the corporate wire award for speciality clothing of year 2020/2021.

CLIP-KNIX, UK design at it’s best!

This is such an amazing and revolutionary product that the world has been waiting for! So, if you are physically disabled, pregnant, elderly, just had a surgery and more, do not hesitate to visit www.clipknix.biz to buy yours, for friends and family.




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