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Anchor FM Podcast

Anchor FM Podcast

Visit to listen to my interview with Anchor FM.

Founder@ Interview

Founder@ Interview

“Never give up, the road will be tough and rough but stick to it. As long as you believe in what you are doing..” – Funmi Lawal Today we feature...

MyLondon Article

MyLondon Article

'I couldn't put on my own underwear after my stroke - then I invented my own so disabled people can feel sexy too' In 2002, Funmi Lawal, now 54,...

Dressing for Success

Dressing for Success

Dressing for Success Funmi Lawal tells us how a stroke following childbirth turned her life upside down, and how she’s using her experience to give...

Clip-Knix Interview

Clip-Knix Interview

Funmi has been interviewed by The Kohan Textile Journal. Check it our here!

Additional Links

Focus on Business

Clip-knix focus on

Article from Voice UK

Speaker at Naidex

Kidney Life

Funmi’s story of overcoming challenges and reaching success

Invest Africa

Magic Pants article in Invest Africa

The Orator Press

Business Interview: The Clip-Knix Company.

The Mirror

‘I created clip-on pants after stroke left me disabled, distraught and humiliated’

The Mail Online

I couldn’t put my knickers on after I became disabled following a stroke – so I created clip-on pants

Metro Newspaper

After becoming disabled, I struggle to put pants on – so I invented the solution

Stroke Stories Podcast

In this episode of Stroke Stories, we spoke to two survivors – Funmi Lawal and Susan Polland.

Humans of Fuzia Article

Empowering women to take control of their privacy and independence.

Spotify Article

A business owner with a difference.

LinkedIn Article

Debra Ruh interviews Funmi Lawal

Newsweek Article

‘I Had a Near-Death Experience 7 Days After My Daughter Was Born’

MyLondon Article

‘I couldn’t put on my own underwear after my stroke – then I invented my own so disabled people can feel sexy too’


‘Just because you have limited mobility should not mean you have limited choices’


What is Clip-Knix underwear?

Cancer Care Parcel Article

Clip Knix Help Alleviate The Stress Of Putting On Underwear

FOUNDER@ Article

Don’t let the situation determine your dream of being an entrepreneur, if you have a dream and a passion for the services that you offer or a product, don’t wait.

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