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Anchor FM Podcast

Anchor FM Podcast

Visit to listen to my interview with Anchor FM.

Founder@ Interview

Founder@ Interview

“Never give up, the road will be tough and rough but stick to it. As long as you believe in what you are doing..” – Funmi Lawal Today we feature...

MyLondon Article

MyLondon Article

'I couldn't put on my own underwear after my stroke - then I invented my own so disabled people can feel sexy too' In 2002, Funmi Lawal, now 54,...

Dressing for Success

Dressing for Success

Dressing for Success Funmi Lawal tells us how a stroke following childbirth turned her life upside down, and how she’s using her experience to give...

Clip-Knix Interview

Clip-Knix Interview

Funmi has been interviewed by The Kohan Textile Journal. Check it our here!

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The Orator Press

Business Interview: The Clip-Knix Company.

The Mirror

‘I created clip-on pants after stroke left me disabled, distraught and humiliated’

The Mail Online

I couldn’t put my knickers on after I became disabled following a stroke – so I created clip-on pants

Metro Newspaper

After becoming disabled, I struggle to put pants on – so I invented the solution

Stroke Stories Podcast

In this episode of Stroke Stories, we spoke to two survivors – Funmi Lawal and Susan Polland.

Humans of Fuzia Article

Empowering women to take control of their privacy and independence.

Spotify Article

A business owner with a difference.

LinkedIn Article

Debra Ruh interviews Funmi Lawal

Newsweek Article

‘I Had a Near-Death Experience 7 Days After My Daughter Was Born’

MyLondon Article

‘I couldn’t put on my own underwear after my stroke – then I invented my own so disabled people can feel sexy too’


‘Just because you have limited mobility should not mean you have limited choices’


What is Clip-Knix underwear?

Cancer Care Parcel Article

Clip Knix Help Alleviate The Stress Of Putting On Underwear

FOUNDER@ Article

Don’t let the situation determine your dream of being an entrepreneur, if you have a dream and a passion for the services that you offer or a product, don’t wait.